Our products:

  MECO (Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing) ;
  ECYPS (Workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems);

  MECOnet (Mediterranean Excellence in Computing and Ontology); 

  WiPiEC (Works in Progress in Embedded Computing Journal)


  MANT's Projects

Core activities:

    Dissemination of real knowledge and real skills

"We develop new opportunities for scientists and engineers"


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Program Vlade Crne Gore, program stučnog usavršavanja MANT je otvorio 3 pozicije, odlični uslovi za rad i napredovanje, mogućnost dodatnog finansiranja, mail: mant.me@gmail.com  ili +38268317729;  September 2019, MANT awarded with new ERASMUS+ project VITALISING ICT RELEVANCE IN AGRICULTURAL LEARNING...

MANT has been granted by:


Mese Selimovica 12 street, Podgorica, Montenegro

e-mail: mant.me@gmail.com, tel: +38220269809

Working MANT and MECOnet office:

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Kralja Nikole, 301. 4th floor, flat 15
Podgorica, Montenegro