>> JAN, 2018, MANT will participate at Kick-Off Meeting of ELEMEND project in ELEMEND KICK OFF MEEETING, 17-18.01.2018, ΤΕΙ OF STEREA ELLADA, CHALKIDAS, GREECE, 
>> Dec, 2017, 28.12. Ceremony of issuing MANT MATA Award 2017 to Elcon d.o.o.  media...

>> Dec, 2017,  28.12. The Anually 7th Generally Assemble of MANT Sucesfully held 
>> Dec, 2017, Meeting with NTO ERASMUS+ first dissemination of ELEMEND, 18.12.2017,  pressentation
>> Dec, 2017, Signet Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies /BAIT/
>> Dec, 2017, Invitation for proposals for MANT Tech Award (MATA). We kindly ask all interested candidates or institutions to submit their proposals for MATA till 21.12.2017. (24:00). MANT Tech Award MATA is oriented to inovators (persons or institutions), which developed some form of high tech solution/product/patent/service.method in 2017. It is necessary to submit:
    1) CV of applicant or profile of institution,
    2) Short discription of proposal/solution. 

    3) Any supporting material (video, photos, certificate, showing inovation in real work)

The proposals should be sent to with subject: "MANT Tech Award Application Marko Markovic"

>> MANT has a new office see on the map
>> MANT won its SECOND Capacity Building ERASMUS+ project, Electrical Energy Markets and Engineering Education / ELEMEND 585681-EEP-1-2017-1-EL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP Grant Agreement Number 2017-2896/001-001

>> MECO'2017 and ECYPS'2017 sucessfully finished, more info on 

>>  Works in Progress in Embedded Computing (WiPEC) Journal,  Vol3. No. 1, 2017 is published. 

>> Two representatives of MANT will participate in How to best attract talented researchers? REGIONAL WORKSHOP OHRID (fYR Macedonia) – 25 April 2017, see gallery

>> Support of the student competition organised by Board of European Students of Technology Local Group Podgorica / BEST, april, 2017, see gallery

>> 04.04.2017: MANT will grant a distignushed student (female) with study trip to Palermo, Italy, from 11.-18.06.17. Interested students should send motivation letter and CV in Europass format to till 02.05. 2017. Interview with preselected candidates will be on 03.05.2017 in 11h, kabinet 314, ETF.  More information on training/trip....
>> MANT partner in ERASMUS+ project, KA1 - Mobility of Youth Workers - Training Course, SALAM , February 2017.
>> 24.12.2016 Održana 6-ta godišnja skupština MANT Asocijacije, gallery
>> HEX d.o.o. is a winner of MATA 2016 award. 

 MANT Tech Award (MATA) to HEX llc from Podgorica

>> Dec, 2016, 6-ta Redovna godišnja skupština MANT Asocijacije održace se 24.12.2016. god u Hotelu Philia, Podgorica sa početkom u 18h. Dnevni red. Molimo članove skupštine da se odazovu i najave svoje učešće. 


>> Dec, 2016Projekat uspjesno zavrsen (vise....)
>> Oct, 2016: MANT traži 3 pripravnika po Programu Vlade CG: 1 Dipl El Ing, ICT and Cloud Computing, 1 App Ing, ICT and Cloud Computing, 1 Spec of the english language, Event assistant. Drago bi nam bilo ako biste našli interes u našoj asocijaciji a ako bismo mogli da Vam damo više detalja. Za osnovne informacije možete koristiti naš skraćeni profil 
>> MANT become a member of Science Network of Montenegro 

>> MANT become a member of Dhumra Mahate Information and Communications Technology Associates (DMICTA) 

>> President of MANT elected for the member of Working Group for writing science and research strategy of Montenegro for  2017-2021 more
>> JAVNI POZIV za dostavljanje ponuda po M03/2016. (Krajnji rok 27.07.2016. 16:00)!!

>>  MECO'2015 conference sucessfully finished (more)

>> Nobel Laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman opened MECO Conference  and received MANT's gratitude.

Nobel Laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman opens MECO Conference Nobel Laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman receives MECO award

>>  Nobel Laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman will open MECO Conference, the trade mark of MANT (more)

April 15th 2016: MANT Student Inovation Award MASIA'206 will be awarded to best student team on Fair of Young Inovators of Montenegro

Januar 2016: 5th MANT Annual Assembly Gallery

December 28, 2015, Hotel Philia, Podgorica, 18:00: 5th MANT Annual Assembly!!!. The members of the Assembly are more than kindly requested to be present. An Agenda is sent by email.

December 2015: MANT is granted by Government of Montenegro from fund for NGOs. Project name: 

December 2015: MANT within TEMPUS MARED project hosted a visit of Albanian partner, Shkodra University, 02.12.2015. See Gallery.

November 2015: MANT within TEMPUS MARED project performed a visit to Albanian partners, 12-14.11.2015. See Gallery.

November 2015: MANT announced MECO'2016 and ECYPS'2016 our trade marks.  

November 2015: MANT is coorganiser of pressentation/speech of Dr Almir Badnjevic from VerLab with topic from Biomedical engineering

October 2015, MANT welcome all interested for job announced through the portal “Stručno osposobljavanje lica sa stečenim visokim obrazovanjem”. More information about MANT profie. If you need more info or you like to shedulle a meeting with MANT managment people pls write us at .

September 23, 2015: MANT submitted 2 applications for funding from Ministry of Finance of Montenegro.

August 14, 2015: MANT established cooperation with GEM Holding, a company which aims to improve tourist services in Montenegro by introducing HiTechs in this sector. 

August 12, 2015: MECO&ECYPS'2015 in IEEE Xplore Digital Lbrary [link]

June 18, 2015: MECO conference, trademark of MANT, has been sucesfully finished. 

May 2015: MANT is supporting a new programme in "Medical electronics" at University of Montenegro. 

May 06, 2015: The project “EIRENE” (KA1 – Mobility of youth workers Training Course), from Erasmus KA1 scheme has been approved. MANT is one of the project partners.

21.04.2015: Guest lecture: Prof. dr Thanos Stouraitis, IEEE Fellow, 24.04.2015, 11:30h, Rectorate building, University of Montenegro, You are welcome

27.12.2014: 4th Regular MANT Assembly Meeting was held on 27.12.2014. in Podgorica. After meeting the traditional MANT

Cocatil Party was organised.  MANT wishes to all friends and partners Happy New Year 2015. Be always happy :-). 

19.12.2014: 4th Regular MANT Assembly Meeting will be organised 27.12.2014. in 19h, Hotel Philia, Podgorica. After meeting in 20h will be organised MANT Season Party, card... 

12.12.2014: MANT established cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina Medical and Biological Engineering Society and their CMBEBIH 2015 Conference

11.12.2014: MANT participated at 2nd MARED Consortium Meeting, Skhoder, Albania, see gallery

09.12.2014: MANT will participate in 2nd MARED Consortium Meeting, Skhoder, Albania

07.12.2014: Within MECO'2015 Conference MANT will support BIOEMIS'2015 Workshop 

07.12.2014: MANT established cooperation with 

04.12.2014: MANT established cooperation with BIO-ICT Centre

24.11.2014: MECO-Student Challenge 2015 Workshop in cooperation with IEEE Montenegro Student Branch, a good opportunity for young researchers to publish their paper at MECO Conference.  

10.11.2014: MANT announced MECO’2015 and ECYPS’2015 events. More information on .

22.10.2014: MANT will participate at Local consortium meeting of TEMPUS MARED project. 

10.09.2014: MANT will participate at 4th MARED consortium meeting that will take a place in Barcelona from 16-18.09.2014. .


MANT partners and supporters:


Contact and location:

Mese Selimovica 12 street, Podgorica, Montenegro