LED LEET 2012 Seminar

Montenegrin LED Lighting – Energy Efficiency Technology Seminar


The protection of the environment and saving energy solutions are the primal principles that one company has to set up for the selection of engineering materials and the design of the lighting fixtures. It is estimated that approximately 35% of the consuming electrical energy in buildings is used for lighting. The energy efficient lighting solutions and the use of products with low energy cost contributes in saving energy and low environmental impact which is the right place to be discussed on LED LEET 2012 Seminar.

Montenegrin LED Lighting – Energy Efficiency Technology Seminar is to be held on Friday, 5th of October at City Hotel in Montenegro, Podgorica.

LED LEET 2012 Seminar is opened for all professionals like designers and researchers in this filed, distributors, architects, municipalities, facility managers, engineers, planners, military or energy managers, energy efficiency promoting associations and NVOs, ongoing projects in the field and all other which area of interests involves domain of LED technology.

Key topics on this shall be latest trends in LED technology such as efficiencies and sustainability, applications, advantages and disadvantages between different lighting technologies similar to LED. On this seminar will be presented short presentations and case studies of many LED lighting technology parts and will be shown their impact on environment.

MANT (Montenegrin Association for New Technologies) which is scientific support for LED LEET 2012 Seminar and Watt d.o.o company which is tehnology support for Seminar are calling all which life is in touch with LED techology, to contribute and to represent all their companies and factories with short presentations about them and their progress.

On the other hand, Seminar is opened for all contributors in this field and their applications that will be reviewed. This field is including street lighting, security and parking lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, office, commercial and residental lighting. Also, Seminar will alow presentations on the energy efficiency scientific basis of todays most popular lighting technologies, which is mostly welcomed.

Seminar will have two supports. One is scientific, from MANT, and the other one is business, from Watt d.o.o company, which will provide Seminar with adequate LED equipment and will be our host during LED LEET 2012 Seminar.

The participants will present their achievements or requirements through the following forms:

  •  Presentations, oral and poster
  •  Exhibition
  •  Short papers/abstract printed in Seminar booklets (will be reviewed).
  •  Participation in Forum (discussion).
  •  Project dissemination


This Seminar is place where science and business will meet their growth together.

During the breaks between the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the coffee and lunch meals.

At the end of Seminar, participants will go together on the journey to Watt d.o.o company to see its technology and to exchange contacts or make possible job offers and cooperation deals.

Agenda of the meeting will be available over time.

For participating to LED LEET 2012 Seminar contact Seminar chairman for more information.

LED LEET 2012 application deadline is 25th of September 2012.

All others are welcomed to enjoy LED LEET 2012 Seminar, free discussions with participants and exchanging oppinions.

LED LEET 2012 Seminar Committees:
Organizer chairman and members:

Mr Marko Dragović, dipl.ing, MANT adviser for new technologies, Seminar chairman
Contact details: e/mail: dragovic@t-com.me , mobile: +38267.877.915

Aleksandar Pečurica, Watt d.o.o director, technological support, Seminar co-chair
Prof. dr Radovan Stojanović, MANT director, scientific support, Seminar co-chair

Vladimir Popović, Spec.Sci Electronics, MANT Montenegro adviser for hardware design
Jovan Kovačević, Spec.Sci Electronics, MANT Montenegro adviser for software engineering

Advisory board:

Prof. dr Radovan Stojanović, University of Montenegro, Montenegro
Prof. dr Gojko Joksimović, University of Montenegro, Montenegro
Prof. dr Andrej Škraba, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Dr Dmirty Tarasov, MANT Montenegro co-director
Athanasios Perivolaris, DR Lighting, Greece.
Dražen Karadaglić, Montenegro

WATT d.o.o.

CCEE (Montenegrin Centre for Energy Efficience)

DR Electronics, Greece

BRIGHT, Greece


OSANA d.o.o Podgorica