1. Proceedings of MECO 2012

  2. Proceedings of MECO 2013

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  4. Proceedings of MECO 2015

  5. Proceedings of Works in Progress in Embedded Computing 2015 (Within MECO'2015) 

Studies and survives:

 1.  Prof. dr Igor Đurović, Rangiranje univerziteta - osvrt, MANT, 2012

 2.  Prof. dr Igor Đurović i Doc. dr Vesna Bugarin, Analiza rezultata i mobilnosti mladih naučnika iz oblasti prirodnih i            tehničkih nauka, MANT, 2012


  1. MANT Bulletin 2012

  2. MANT Bulletin 2013

 3.  MANT Bulletin 2014

Outstanding/authorised presentations: 

1. Compressive sensing: Theory, Algorithms and Applications, Prof. dr Srdjan Stankovic, Keynote lesson given at MECO'2015, Budva Montenegro, June 15, 2015. [Abstract with recommended references].
2. Challenges in the Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks: A Holistic Approach Development and Planning Tools, Middleware, Power Efficiency, Interoperability, Prof. George Papadopoulos, Keynote lesson given at MECO'2015, Budva Montenegro, June 15, 2015
3. Matching Data Representation to Application Needs [ Case study: Cryptographic Systems ], Prof. Thanos Stouraitis, Invited lesson given like introduction to MECO'2015 Conference, Podgorica, Montenegro, April 2015.