Successful start of the first Telemedicine Summer School for Western Balkan region


The first Medical Summer School organized by HTWG Konstanz and University of Montenegro started yesterday and will last until August 7th. The regional sponsor of the Summer School is MANT (Montenegrin Association for New Technologies) which is represented by Prof. Dr. Radovan Stojanović.

This Summer School addresses Western Balkan countries and includes countries with solid relationships in the target region. The Summer School presents a detailed country-specific description of telemedicine status, perspectives, and challenges in every participating country, provided by a qualified expert.

The Summer School offers six workshops on relevant topics: 
1.    Best practices of telemedicine
2.    Technical, economic and social challenges
3.    Cross-border cooperation
4.    Regional roadmap for telemedicine
5.    Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA)
6.    IT-Platforms and Artificial Intelligence

The Summer School will provide Ph.D. panels for young researchers to discuss new and innovative research approaches. 

For more information visit official summer school website:


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VIRAL project's Hackathon in Prijedor successfully finished


The VIRAL Hackathon was held in Prijedor from 12-14. May 2022 in premises of the Prijedor Economic Development Agency - PREDA.

VIRAL hackathon: MANT flag

MANT's representative was Jovan Djurkovic, who mentored the students. Six teams took part competing about innovating and making technological solutions for challenges in agriculture. All teams were rewarded, and thanks to a large number of sponsors the prize fund was about 6000 EUR. The winning team was SALLTSITY from University in Tuzla.

VIRAL hackathon: presentations

More information is available here: official hackathon report.