PELMOB Project

The international project entitled “Partnership for Promotion and Popularization of Electrical Mobility through Transformation and Modernization of WB HEIs Study Programs” – PELMOB, is one of 14 projects of the University of Montenegro and four projects of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which were received as part of the call of the new cycle of Erasmus + capacity building projects in the field of higher education (CBHE) for 2021-2027.

The PELMOB project includes 12 partners from the countries of the Western Balkans and four partners from the countries of the European Union. The consortium is gathered around the idea of development and exchange of knowledge and experiences related to the problem of environmental pollution, the harmful consequences of climate change and energy instability, which are happening around the world due to growing urbanization. In accordance with the most important strategic documents, which were initiated by the European Commission, and which refer to the achievement of the pipeline of sustainable development, the field of electro-mobility is recognized as a significant reservoir of opportunities for progress.

In a broader sense, the PELMOB project will improve the quality of higher education in the field of electromobility and harmonize existing knowledge with new trends that are represented in the European Union. In addition, the promotion and popularization of electromobility will lead to greater social acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles in the transportation market. Finally, the project will establish associations dealing with electromobility, which will include all relevant subjects, such as schools, public and private companies, local authorities, students, people with special needs and other interested citizens. This will lead to the development of awareness of electromobility not only among the owners and drivers of electric vehicles, but the entire social and academic community.

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