VIRAL Project Dissemination on 3rd EPS-TIG Workshop in Petrovac

MANT attended the 3rd EPS-TIG Hands-on-Science, Technology, and Interface Workshop and the 1st Montenegro Detector R&D for Future Accelerators Summer School (7-9 July), held in Petrovac, Montenegro, where it presented the VIRAL project and its work.
The event is organized under the auspices of the European Society of Physicists. It is organized by the Technological Innovation Group of the European Society of Physicists in collaboration with CERN, the National Institute for Nuclear Energy, INFN from Italy, and the European Laser Research Infrastructure ELI Beamlines, ELI ERIC from Prague.
Experiments conducted by experts in the area state-of-the-art laser technology (from ELI ERIC) were presented, and MANT has took an active part in the workshop and has presented it’s own scientific research work and VIRAL project during the introductory part.

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