MATA Award 2022 Winner: dr ing Dragan Žarković

This year’s MATA Award winner for contribution in development and promotion of new technologies in Montenegro is dr ing Dragan Žarković.

Dragan Žarković is a construction engineer and doctor of science in the field of technical management, work organization and sustainable development.

“In his thirty-year career, in the country and abroad, he performed a wide range of jobs in the construction profession: from the execution and management of construction works, expert supervision, investment construction, design, revision of project documentation, assessments, expert reports, etc., at various types of construction facilities. So far, he has realized over 230,000 m2 of residential-business, industrial-commercial and hotel-tourist spaces.

Žarković enthusiastically applied his professional and scientific knowledge abroad and in Montenegro. He helped a large number of workers and experts from our area to earn their earnings, during the most difficult economic and war crises. Through his business contacts, about twenty different investment projects were invested and realized in Montenegro, with a total value of over 55 million euros,” said Stojanović.

“His views on the problems of construction, from the point of view of a practicing builder, made a significant contribution to theoretical science and the general development of technical and engineering culture. The recently published book “Corporate Management of Investment Ventures” is the first book in contemporary Montenegro that unifies the rather forgotten methodology of symbiosis, profession, science, planning, work organization and sustainable development. Hundreds of the most complex expert reports and evaluations were important in elucidating many conflicting situations and in the successful resolution of as many court-prosecutorial proceedings in the country and abroad.

Besides many functions that he previously performed, today, in addition to his basic activity, he performs the functions of: president of the Independent Association of Court Experts of Montenegro, member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Employers of Montenegro and Director of the Association of Builders of Montenegro. He is widely cited in professional literature. In his private and family life, Dragan is an exemplary and conscientious father of three children and the husband of an equally successful married partner,” said Stojanović.

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